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Bisazza Bathroom and Shower Rooms

Bisazza Bathroom and Shower Rooms

Bisazza Bathroom and Shower Rooms

Bisazza Bathroom and Shower Rooms are the forefront of luxury in bathroom design. And, Bisazza Bathroom mosaic tile is an amazing way to make your bathroom go from okay to amazing. Real Gold Leaf combined with the rich dark tile colors are the perfect combination to add the dramatic look to the bathroom design. 

Shower Rooms with Bisazza Bathroom Mosaic tile are beautiful in their own way. There is really no comparison to this as a choice in Building Material. Our tiles have amazing heritage behind them. Designed under Italy tradition. The grace of this work is just outstanding and really does shine through. The gold against the rich dark colors makes it almost look like raining sparkle. 

Bisazza Winter Flowers
(Bisazza Winter Flowers) 

Bisazza Bathroom Tile

Bisazza Elena’ of the Gold (Oro) Collection is a combination of rich colors mixed with real gold leaf.  This combination gives off that amazing dimension. The Bisazza Elena is a blend of 20 hues with a hint of Real Gold that is 20 mm by 20 mm.  Real gold against the rich dark colors is just exquisite in person. This tile combination adds a layer of luxury to any bathroom design.  And, the tile is top notch. Authentic tile from Italy. Do not be fooled by an imitation. There is nothing to compare. These tiles are amazing and bring your bathroom to entirely new level.  Gold tile is sophisticated.Bisazza Elena gold blend 20
(Bisazza Elena)

Bisazza Elena of Gold Tile Collection

Bisazza Elena of Gold Tile Collection adds a level of sophistication to your shower room.  Begin your day with gold around you. A striking shower wall can be just the accent to liven up your shower.  Gold tiles are a daring choice among leading interior designers. These amazing choices offer an upgrade to your bathroom or shower room like nothing else can.  Gold tiles can be flashy and fabulous to understated elegance. When used correctly these tiles can be the understated elegance that your room needs. And, with gold tile texture and color is everything. Gold tiles are sophisticated and gleam adding glamour to any minimalist bathroom.

bisazza Elena

(Bisazza Elena)


Looking for Bisazza Bathroom and Shower room?

Our Bisazza Elena of Gold Tile Collection would be amazing for many designers.  These tiles take the guesswork out of the design. Real Gold blended throughout at just the right amount. Italian glass in a random pattern adds a touch of class to the already stunning blends on offer.

It is no wonder interior designers are using these gold tiles. These tiles really make a statement. They are gorgeous right from the package. The colors already blended to perfection. This allows for you to worry about other things during your bathroom remodel. This Italian tile has been around since mid-century adding value and beautiful to bathrooms worldwide.

If Class and Elegance if your style there is no need to look further. Bisazza Bathrooms and Shower rooms are among the elite of their type. These tiles make a bold statement in a subtle way. Understated elegance best describes this tile collection. Check them out.

Bisazza Catarina
(Bisazza Catarina)
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