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As Post-Recession Interior Budgets Increase, Glass Mosaic Tile Specialist Casa Di Mosaico See Luxury Projects Increase

Sep 7, 2017, 09:00 GMT from Casa Di Mosaico

With a wealth of designs, rapid installation and the ability to tackle even the largest custom projects, Casa Di Mosaico continue to supply their beautiful glass mosaic tiles to homes, architects and famous luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, health spas and hair & beauty salons around the world

While contractors and homeowners have been forced to skimp on interior design during the country's recent financial crisis, the economy's exponential recovery is finally allowing buyers to settle for life's luxuries once again. Offering a vast and world-class range of glass mosaic tiles, Casa Di Mosaico is becoming the first stop of choice for thousands looking to add a touch of true class to their home or project.

The London-based company has built a steadfast reputation for their fair pricing, professional installation services and inside-out knowledge of all things glass mosaic tiles. With years of solid reputation backing their products, the company is shipping daily around the world.

With a vast range of stunning mosaic tiles on offer, encompassing all shapes and sizes, the company is delighted to be an official partner with Sicis, Bisazza, Trend and Simmenetti.

However, as a representative of the company explains, Casa Di Mosaico is about more than simply supplying glass mosaic tiles:

"While we're very proud of the relationships we've forged with the world's leading suppliers, we're most renowned for our complete tile design and installation services. We're working daily with homeowners, architects, contractors and interior designers to custom design and fit gorgeous glass mosaic tiles in some of the world's most sought after properties, hotels and commercial environments," says Orlando Roberts.

Continuing, "We're not all about big projects, though. We can supply tiles in small quantities for those wanting to add something different to their personal home remodeling project. Whether it's just a few tiles for a new bathroom splash back or a custom display to catch the attention of those stepping through your front door - we have the tools and resources to give your project a unique touch. Our own in-house designs simply have to be seen to be believed."

The company frequently runs attractive special offers and also boasts a gift voucher service for those wanting to give someone a present that's totally unique.

"Gift vouchers for glass tiles may not be the first thing that springs to mind when planning a special occasion, but it's certainly different from the norm. When we meet with clients who are cashing in their vouchers, they're quick to tell us that it's the most unusual yet useful gift they have ever been given!" Roberts adds.

With the company's full range of products and services laid out in great detail on their website, interested parties are urged to visit today: http://www.casadimosaico.com

About the Company:

Casa Di Mosaico has firmly established itself as a company that looks at its clients' needs, bringing the best in interior design and luxurious style. The company aims to provide both domestic and commercial clients the best care and carrying out complex design projects a thing of ease.  By choosing Casa Di Mosaico to carry-out your works you can be sure of an installation carried out with care and professionalism, leaving you to sit back, relax and admire the final result.

The company has been successfully serving homeowners, architects, decorators, builders, and contractors for many years. Building or remodeling? Let us create the design of your dreams by contacting us today!

From the moment of order to delivery of your product, Casa Di Mosaico will keep you informed and are experts in this very "niche" market.

Orlando Roberts
Email: info@casadimosaico.com

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